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APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Live Storytelling, Audio Biographies, and Taking Control of Our Legacy

This week’s roundup of blog postings by members of the Association of Personal Historians is full of stories to read, videos to watch, and podcasts to listen to. Enjoy! Monica Lee of Clickago Storywerks writes to us about how not to loose all those great memories still in our camera phones in Your Phone is Not a Photo… Read More »

What Is Personal History? - APH1

Welcome to the first episode of The Life Story People Podcast! In this episode, host Steve Pender (Family Legacy Video, Inc.) speaks with APH Executive Director Linda Coffin (HistoryCrafters), outgoing APH President Sarah White (First Person Productions), and incoming APH President Bill Horne (Launceston Services). Linda, Sarah, and Bill define what personal history is and what personal historians… Read More »

Berry Basket Your Family History in 2016: Twelve Steps to Uncover Your Stories

This is your year for family history. The planets are aligning, time is shortening, your resolve is stiffening, and you are lucky enough to have stumbled on the world’s greatest resource for the would-be family historian: the Berry Basket! No, this is not a column targeting children of the Appalachians nor am I suggesting that when you start… Read More »

APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Traditions, Conversations, Life in 1966, and Adventures with a Bipolar Condition

Mary Beth Lagerborg from Retelling discusses how some cherished family traditions usually bring warmth to the heart while others can unite us in our censor of them in Oh, Lu-te-fisk: The Tradition We Love To Hate. “Grandma Hazel Lagerborg, was a formidable woman: sturdy, hard-working, and nearly six feet tall. I might have been frightened of her were… Read More »

APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Genetic Ancestors, Your Story and Christmas Memories

Ever wonder who your genetic ancestors were? Where they came from, how they lived and what it means for your currently family history? Check out Patricia Hamilton and Joyce Krieg‘s post There’s genealogical ancestors-and now there’s genetic ancestors. “When most of us think about putting together a family tree, we assume our research will take us back a… Read More »