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Personal History Awareness Month: Coming to Understand Mom’s Perspective, One Story at a Time

On Easter this year, I visited Mom in the nursing home. In 2013, just after her heart surgery, we could only attend the service in the nursing home’s community room. This year, with Mom on the mend after a hospitalization, my husband and I were able to take her to church, out for dinner, and even home for… Read More »

APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Caregivers, Old Diaries, Flash Memoir, and Photo Writing Prompt

We have quite a few blog posts from members of the Association of Personal Historians this week, with tips on photo storage and what to do with old diaries as well as a look at community and family histories. Monica Lee of Clickago Storywerks talks to us about storing our photos in The right box for storing printed… Read More »

Personal History Awareness Month: Everyone Has a Story, Including My Dad

“You are a good listener and ask really good questions.” This is what someone recently said to me about twenty minutes after we first met. “Do you realize how interesting you are?” was my reply. I find the interesting in everyone. I’ve discovered that if you ask people to tell you more about themselves, they will, but sometimes they… Read More »

Meet 2016 Conference Keynote Speaker Dr. Max Krochmal - APH4

Most of us are familiar with the contributions that leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez made to the civil rights and labor movements in the United States. But many lesser-known folks played important roles as well. Preserving their stories of struggle has become a passion and a mission for Dr. Max Krochmal, a keynote… Read More »

APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Live Storytelling, Audio Biographies, and Taking Control of Our Legacy

This week’s roundup of blog postings by members of the Association of Personal Historians is full of stories to read, videos to watch, and podcasts to listen to. Enjoy! Monica Lee of Clickago Storywerks writes to us about how not to loose all those great memories still in our camera phones in Your Phone is Not a Photo… Read More »