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Personal History Awareness Month: Everyone Has a Story, Including My Dad

“You are a good listener and ask really good questions.” This is what someone recently said to me about twenty minutes after we first met. “Do you realize how interesting you are?” was my reply. I find the interesting in everyone. I’ve discovered that if you ask people to tell you more about themselves, they will, but sometimes they… Read More »

APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Deciding Who Will Tell Your Story, The Power of Siblings, and an Interview with Marcia Orland

This week we have several members of the Association of Personal Historians writing (and pod casting!) about various topics related to preserving and sharing personal histories. Susan Marg of Your Biography 2 got an interesting response to her post about remembering pay phones in Got Change? “Well, we had a phone booth nearby – the type that had… Read More »

APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Interviews, Rousing Questions, and A Day for Women

Each week members of the Association of Personal Historians create meaningful and inspirational blog posts related to collecting family stories and preserving personal histories. This week is no different with stories of powerful women, pioneer women, and techniques on gathering these stories. Patricia Hamilton and Joyce Krieg of Keepers of Our Culture share the fascinating story of Elizabeth Shaw,… Read More »

Religion and Politics? Let’s Talk

Most people are told that it’s polite to avoid conversations about religion or politics, but those two hot topics can certainly be a big part of any personal history. Many people will say their lives were shaped by their religious experiences and their faith, and many will have favorite stories to share about voting or about their own… Read More »

APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Signs, Resolutions, and Rhythmic Action

This weeks collection of blog postings by members of the Associations of Personal Historians includes interesting reads about our writing selves, the resolutions we make and the stories that shape who we are. Sarah White from True Stories Well Told shares a guest posting by Sheila Bender which talks about writer’s block and suggestions for getting unblocked in… Read More »