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A personal historian interviews you and records your image and your voice. Photos, historical clips, music, etc. are often a part of the edited version.

APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Family Visits, Documentaries, Faith and the Importance of Stories

Each week there are members of the Association of Personal Historians who blog about their own stories, the stories of others, and why documenting Personal Histories is so important. This week is no different. Mary Beth Lagerborg of Retelling shares with us an excerpt from a client’s book in Finding Faith in the Field, an excerpt. “On the… Read More »

Show & Tell and a Profound Lesson from a Young Boy

I recently took a great adventure: a solo, 5,000-mile cross-country road trip to visit cousins and other long-lost relatives for the purpose of creating my own family history video. While planning my road trip I reached out to various libraries, historical societies, and genealogical associations in the cities where my itinerary would take me, seeking venues for Show & Tell… Read More »

Lessons Learned: Check First Before Trashing Your Backup Discs

Over the years, I have accumulated a rather large collection of family history artifacts and photographs that I have stored digitally and on source media ranging from original negatives to recording tape. A segment of my holdings consists of audio interviews and travelogues that I originally created on reel-to-reel and cassette tapes as far back as 1968 that… Read More »

Home for the Holidays: End-of-the-Year Conversations

New Year’s Eve represents renewal. It’s a chance, much like writing and telling one’s personal history, to identify who one wants to be in the new year, how one wants to make their life meaningful. It doesn’t elude me how dense the holidays can be and what an instrumental time this can be for getting to know those we… Read More »

APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Turning Points, E-Books and Video Tips

  This week’s blog roundup by members of the Association of Personal Historians is all about choices. From how or what to record in a personal history, to which format will stand the test of time, to decisions we make in our lives that effect our work, the choices are a constant.   Sarah White‘s guest blogger Melodee… Read More »