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APH Blog Roundup: The Specialness of Home, First Loves, Craft and History

This week’s collection of blog postings by Members of the Association of Personal Historians contains some interesting reads on remembering first loves, the craft of writing, important lessons learned, and what happens when history comes alive. Marjorie Turner Hollman discovers that a request to provide a talk on local history becomes a personal journey through time in Coming… Read More »

APH Blog Round-up: Swing on a Star, DNA Journey and Telling Too Much

Take a ride with Patricia Hamilton as she explores her family history in the Basque Country of Spain in DNA Journey: The Power of Nature-Day #1. “It was difficult for me to imagine what shape my visit to the Basque Country of Spain, home to my most ancient ancestors, would take once I arrived. Would I find what… Read More »

APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Signs, Resolutions, and Rhythmic Action

This weeks collection of blog postings by members of the Associations of Personal Historians includes interesting reads about our writing selves, the resolutions we make and the stories that shape who we are. Sarah White from True Stories Well Told shares a guest posting by Sheila Bender which talks about writer’s block and suggestions for getting unblocked in… Read More »

APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Genetic Ancestors, Your Story and Christmas Memories

Ever wonder who your genetic ancestors were? Where they came from, how they lived and what it means for your currently family history? Check out Patricia Hamilton and Joyce Krieg‘s post There’s genealogical ancestors-and now there’s genetic ancestors. “When most of us think about putting together a family tree, we assume our research will take us back a… Read More »

Home for the Holidays: A Personal Historians’ “Night Before Christmas”

Twas the night before Christmas, Hanukkah and/or Kwanza. It’s time for family history, a great bonanza. The recorders were set by the table with care, As were the candles in Menorah and Kwanza holders to share. What’s that you say that brings us great craving? It’s the stories we’re hearing and the ones we are sharing. Our apps are a-launching and files downloading, The… Read More »