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Personal History Awareness Month: Coming to Understand Mom’s Perspective, One Story at a Time

On Easter this year, I visited Mom in the nursing home. In 2013, just after her heart surgery, we could only attend the service in the nursing home’s community room. This year, with Mom on the mend after a hospitalization, my husband and I were able to take her to church, out for dinner, and even home for… Read More »

Personal History Awareness Month: Everyone Has a Story, Including My Dad

“You are a good listener and ask really good questions.” This is what someone recently said to me about twenty minutes after we first met. “Do you realize how interesting you are?” was my reply. I find the interesting in everyone. I’ve discovered that if you ask people to tell you more about themselves, they will, but sometimes they… Read More »

Personal History Awareness Month: How Family Stories Affect Us - Tiny Fingers of Gold

By the tender age of three, my mother displayed great music talent. She is, and will forever be, a child prodigy—even as an adult. My mom, Gina Valente, debuted as the featured artist with the New York Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall at the age of eight years old. Because her career peaked early, she was not afforded… Read More »

APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Enchanting the Audience, Telling the Difficult Story, and Finding Paradise

Each week members of the Association of Personal Historians create thought-provoking blogs centered around preserving stories and the business of personal history. This week is no different with four must-read posts. Sarah White shares writing from a member of her Remember to Write workshops in Reading the Panama Canal. “She would have been happy to live in Antarctica… Read More »

APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Writing about the Past, Business Wisdom, Pontilly, Another Trip to Ireland, Historical Orchids & More

We have a little bit for everyone this week with stories about Pontilly, orchids in the U.S., business tips, and of course personal stories from members of the Association of Personal Historians. Sarah White writes about her experience as she visits New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in A Vision for Pontilly: 10 Years Ago Today. “Pontilly was the… Read More »