Susan Owens

Susan Owens

Susan Owens is the owner of Tales for Telling, LLC, in Lexington, Kentucky. She is a writer, a genealogist, and a teller of tales. Susan has been a member of APH since 2005 and relishes the opportunity to learn something new every day as she helps people share their lives, their love, and their lessons with the world. You can reach Susan at SOwens (at)

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The Accidental Personal Historian

I’ve had three careers. Each was an accident.

In the1970s I worked a humdrum job for a power plant construction firm. After writing an unsolicited report on how to improve document workflow I became publications manager. It was a super opportunity, but by 1982 I needed greater challenges. “Why not work for yourself?” asked my husband. I knew nothing about being in business but it sounded better than working for someone else.

Talk about timing. IBM had just introduced the PC; the technology consulting firm I started lasted 21 years.