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About APH — The Life Story People

Stories about people are all around us twenty-four hours a day. They take the form of novels, documentaries, radio interviews and more. And for every story we see or hear, countless others - just as compelling, just as important - are never told. Stories about turning points in our own lives. Stories about the rich experiences of our older relatives. Stories about the heritage and values of our communities. These stories deserve to be given life, which is why the Association of Personal Historians (APH) exists. Members of APH help other people create personal histories, including memoirs, video tributes, autobiographies, biographies, family histories, heritage cookbooks, community histories, corporate and organizational histories, legacy letters and ethical wills. A personal history can take the form of a book, documentary, video, website, CD-ROM, DVD, scrapbook or photo collage - even a song or quilt.

Our vision, quite simply, is a world in which the story of every person, family, community, and organization is recorded and preserved.

A Valuable Resource for Professionals and the Public

The nonprofit APH has grown to more than 650 members worldwide. Our members have backgrounds in fields as varied as journalism, publishing, broadcasting, social work, education, law, medicine and graphic design.

On behalf of our members, we strive to make APH the premier world organization for the professional development of personal historians. We do this by actively seeking and promoting educational, networking and marketing opportunities, highlighted by our popular annual meeting and networking conference. APH provides a true community in which members motivate, inform, train, inspire and support each other.

If you have a passion for helping others tell their stories and want to refine the skills needed to turn that passion into a rewarding profession, consider joining APH today.

If you have a story that deserves to be told - a memoir, a biography of a loved one, a history of your company or organization - our personal historians are here to help. Please use our website as a resource for putting together a personal history, and for finding the right APH member(s) to help you with your project.

We all have a need to remember our lives, to make personal sense of the world around us, and to pass our life lessons on to new generations. The Association of Personal Historians gives its members a chance to advance their talents, skills and professional knowledge for this purpose. Personal historians give the public an opportunity to tell and preserve their stories in the most compelling and memorable ways. Please take full advantage of everything we have to offer.

The Association of Personal Historians
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