Newsroom Guide — Finding Your Way Around

Memoirs, autobiographies and ghost-written accounts have been around almost as long as moveable type. But in the last 15 years or so, the news media started recognizing a group of diverse people sharing their expertise to launch a brand new profession, in which the practitioners helped individuals, families and communities preserve their stories.

We've been collecting examples of personal history reportage ever since.

The APH Members in the News page is where you'll find a list of press coverage for APH's members, with the most recent article at the top. You can also sort the column by name, and the now alphabeticized list will show all the press coverage for every member who has listed their coverage on the APH site, conveniently grouped together. This will include audio and video files if the member appeared on a TV, radio or podcast program. Or, perhaps you're interested in all articles that appeared in the Wall Street Journal? You can sort the list by Publication/Station and locate the WSJ alphabetically on the list.

As you browse through the clippings it is important to remember that you can always click on any name to see just the press written for or about that person. From their individual press coverage page, you can get more information about that member, their company, or their entire profile.

A brief description of each press item is always visible, but you can often read more by either selecting "Expand" at the top right just above the blue column header bar to see the additional text for every item on the page, or select "continue reading" for more about any individual item. In many cases, the original press article or show is available to be read, viewed or listened to in its entirety, as indicated by a live link in the Article/Broadcast Title column.

Personal History News is expanding rapidly, in part due to renewed interest in and unlimited access to genealogy records as well as a marked desire to build community during these fast-paced times. Many people become personal historians after a successful career in fields such as psychology, journalism, broadcast production, and book design. You can read general articles about this burgeoning profession in our Newsroom section.