Online Advertising

Through the online APH Store and APH Blog, vendors can reach a larger audience than the APH membership. Online ads are available in three-month blocks at very reasonable prices.

store advertising layout options
  The APH Store is the go-to place for books, recordings, toolkits, and other materials related to personal history. In the store, your ad will become part of a rotating banner on the home page. Visitors to the store, whether APH members or members of the general public, will see your advertising as they search for materials of interest.

The APH Blog is a discussion place for subjects of interest in the field of personal history. Blog posts have discussed the value of telling one's story, the importance of recording the stories of family heirlooms, the psychological benefits of memoir, working with Alzeheimer's other forms of dementia, and so on.

The APH blog offers advertising in two locations: the right-hand sidebar and a banner across the bottom.
blog advertising layout options

Online Advertising Type & Price Chart
Ad Type—Description Ad Size
Width x Height px
72 dpi
Full or Partner
Member Price
Three Month Ad
Regular Price
Three Month Ad
APH Store Rotating Banner (ST-RO) 350x300 px $36 $45
APH Store Featured Product (ST-FP) Text/Image $30 $36
Blog Horizontal Large (BL-HL) 300x400 px $48 $60
Blog Horizontal Medium (BL-HM) 300x300 px $36 $45
Blog Horizontal Small (BL-HS) 300x200 px $24 $30
Blog Sidebar Large (BL-SL) 200x400 px $48 $60
Blog Sidebar Medium (BL-SM) 200x300 px $36 $45
Blog Sidebar Small (BL-SS) 200x200 px $24 $30

Online Discount Chart

APH offers a discount if you purchase ads for a longer period than three months. Discounts are available as follows:
   • 3 months – no discount   • 6 months – 5% discount    • 9 months – 10% discount   • 12 months – 15% discount

Ready to Place Your Online Ad?

Use the Use the Online Advertising Order Form . Print the form, enter the ad types you want, and follow the instructions for the artwork and payment options.

Print Advertising Opportunities

Consider combining your online ads with print ads and expand your reach to the general public.

Artwork Specifications for Online Ads

All artwork, questions, and mail should be directed to the APH Executive Director. Graphic files may be in PDF, TIF, or EPS format. Resolution should be 72 dpi at the final size. Ads can be in either grayscale or color formats.

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