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Priority Service In plain English Typically, this is what happens
Audio/Oral History Your story in your voice A personal historian interviews you and records your voice. An option is to edit and organize the �as spoken� audio files.
Book Your story in book format A personal historian interviews you and, using your words, crafts a narrative and produces a book (usually illustrated with photos).
Video Your story as a video A personal historian interviews you and records your image and your voice. Photos, historical clips, music, etc. are often a part of the edited version.
Archive/Preservation Your photos, documents, objects preserved Archivists and specialists can restore, archive, and specify best ways to protect cherished photos, documents, memorabilia.
Class/Wkshp Life Story Writing Your knowledge and skills enhanced Personal historians offer classes and workshops to teach you how to write your own memoir or guided autobiography � a great way to get started.
Community/Corp History Your community or organization�s history Based on interviews and archival documents, a specialist writes and produces a community, organizational, or corporate history.
Editing/Writing Your story, in your voice, polished A pro edits or rewrites your story from interview transcripts or your manuscript, in your voice but with narrative flow.
Elderly/Aging Your elderly relative given �voice� Trained in work with the aging, these specialists can adapt to narrators with depression, dementia, etc.
Ethical Will/Legacy Stmt Your life's values expressed A specialist helps give voice to your values, ethics, beliefs and blessings, in a legacy document or recording (audio or video).
Genealogy/Family Tree Your family history researched or displayed Genealogists and personal historians help trace your ancestors, update or graphically depict your family tree.
Niche Services Cookbooks, reunions, organizing events, quilts, and more Specialized services (creating heritage cookbooks, quilts, planning reunions and special events).
Photo Services Your photos scanned, digitized, enhanced Specialists can digitize, restore, organize your photos and documents (for sharing or publication)
Project Mgmt/Consulting Do it yourself, with coaching Consult with a personal historian as you create and produce your own work
Print Design Your book designed artfully Creative book designers professionally arrange text, photos, documents, illustrations, maps etc.
Print Publishing/Binding Your story published Some personal historians can print and bind your heirloom book; others arrange for specialists to edit, design, proof, print, and bind your book.
Public Speaking Speaking about life-stories to your group Skilled and engaging speakers talk to your group about life-story topics.
Transcriptions Your recorded words transcribed Specialists produce transcripts of audio or video recordings.
Tribute/Memorial Your loved one or event, celebrated Specialty is producing a short tribute/memorial honoring people, pets, places, or special occasions. Formats may include a photo montage, photo video, small booklet, etc.
Website/Blog Your story online A specialist can help you create a family website or blog, upload and maintain family photos and media on established sites.

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