APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Online Memoirs, A Father’s Day Story, mysterious photographs, and an Interview with Francie King

By | June 10, 2016

This week we have something for everyone! Members of the Association of Personal Historians are blogging about all things personal history, including tips on the pre-interview, discovering the real story behind old pictures, and even how gardening can impact our histories.

Dawn M. Roode of Modern Heirloom Books shares how pictures can spark creativity in “His are the sepia eyes that passed through me.”

“In this first-person recollection, you’ll find inspiration for writing about a photograph that holds more mystery than memory. Sometimes it’s the wondering, the imagining, that carries your ancestors from the past into the present and finds the narrative thread in our connected lives.” (continued)

Linda Bugbee of Life Stories Online gives us a glimpse of online memoirs in My Mother’s Online Memoir.

“Like many personal historians, I started with the life story of a relative. But this is not your typical memoir!” (continued)

Patricia Hamilton of Keepers of Our Culture posts a stunning family story in Did He Steal Off into Another Secret Life?

Sleuthing out family stories can unearth surprising—and, at times, unsettling or even disturbing—information.” (continued)

Betsy Storm of The Story of You takes this upcoming Father’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate her father, reporter Bill Storm in Happy Father’s Day, Favorite Reporter.

“In 1993, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News devoted many column inches to an obituary for my father, William John Storm, a crime reporter (retired) for a rival daily paper, The Philadelphia Bulletin. (Those were the days — three thriving daily newspapers in one city.)” (continued)

Steve Pender of Family Legacy Video gives us some great tips on the “interview before the interview” in Legacy Video Lounge Podcast-LVL 10: The Preinterview.

“A preinterview helps to break the ice and gives a personal historian a chance to learn the storyteller’s stories in advance of the on-camera interview.” (continued)

Marjorie Turner Hollman posts on the APH Blog about her personal history and storytelling work and how to find the engaging stories in Finding the ‘Story Magic’ in Our Work as Personal Historians.

“So I’ve often wondered—and been asked—what do the performing Storytelling world and the community of Personal Historians have in common? The most important commonality? Story magic.” (continued)

Sarah White of True Stories Well Told shares a guest post from her flash memoir workshop in A Childhood Moment.

“I didn’t mind as the sweet clean country air sent a sense of freedom and exhilaration deep into my soul, a sensation that has stayed with me all my days and becomes activated whenever I visit the country.” (continued)

Susan Marg of Your Biography 2 talks about the impact of gardening and family stories in How Green Was My Garden.

“In my last post, I took exception to an article blaming British baby boomers for their children forsaking gardening. I still stand by my point that each generation is different from every other generation, but I also note that certain interests and talents are passed along.” (continued)

Pam Pacelli Cooper of Verissima Productions gives us another Life Preservers Podcast, An Interview with Francie King.

“Treasured letters, Revolutionary War re-enactors, and a magnificent mother are all part of this week’s journey to find the personal stories of personal historians.” (continued)

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