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About the Members' Area

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The general public can get a glimpse of the many benefits of being an APH Member from the content below, and by viewing the Benefits of Membership page. APH also provides a way to keep abreast of personal history news by becoming a Friend of APH (for those who do not plan to run their own personal history business).

Membership Directory

All members are listed in the Membership Directory along with a full profile of skills and services, past experiences, and more. Find out who is doing what. Members can arrange for local get togethers and collaborate, using the Member Region List.

Membership Photo Directory

All members are listed in the Membership Photo Directory. Members can get acquainted with their colleagues, find other members easily by first or last name.

Membership Blog List

Many of our members maintain their own blog. All member blog sites are listed in the Membership Blog List. Members can see what their colleagues are writing about.

APH Membership Information — Get The Nitty-Gritty

Members have access to many business resources such as sample contracts, and interview tips. Members have access to educational resources such as the Members' Toolkit and APH publications; members can access various marketing and strategic planning kits.


APH Listserv and Forums

Members post questions and get answers on our APH private Listserv and Forums.

APH Official Collection

The APH strategic plans, financial narratives, and financial reports are available for members to review. Members can download the APH Member logo for use on their website and for marketing purposes.

APH Board Positions

Serving on the APH Board is highly rewarding, not only on a personal level but because your efforts have a powerful and lasting impact that strengthens and improves APH and promotes the profession of personal history. Members can view an overview and specific list of APH Board Positions, duties, skills, and tasks.

Regional Resources

What's going on in the regions. Find out what has worked, what has not...

Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved with your region.

Join APH Options

You can review the join options in the Benefits Chart for APH Members & Friends of APH ( pdf). You can choose one option and then upgrade at any time. Have a business partner? Your business partner can enjoy the full benefits of APH membership at a reduced rate.

Thank you for your interest in APH.

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