Capture Stories with Show & Tell for Thanksgiving

Building on my successful experience with Show and Tell for a recent Family Reunion, I realized that the Thanksgiving holiday (celebrated in the United States this week) offers the primary element for a successful Show and Tell: family and friends who share stories. My children will be back from college so they can share their unique stories about… Read More »

Life, Stories, People: The APH Conference

Believe It . . . Achieve It! The theme of the conference for the Association of Personal Historians was the rallying cry for the nearly 160 members who attended the conference over a beautiful autumn week in St. Louis, Missouri. Members came from across the United States and Canada and from as far away as New Zealand to… Read More »

The #APHConference Hashtag. Why Should I Care?

APH’s annual conference is just hours away! For the first time this year, APH is encouraging its members, both on the ground and elsewhere in the world, to use a hashtag to follow and contribute to discussion around the APH Conference being held in St. Louis, Missouri, US, October 22–26. The official APH hashtag is #APH. Why… Read More »

Go Small . . . in a Big Way

In a writing workshop at Pinney Library this summer, we spent one evening talking about “going small.” I set my writers an in-class challenge: seven minutes to write about something, starting with an object as the focal point. “Give us the object, then the setting it is in, and then the action around it,” I asked. Starting with an… Read More »