Memories That Matter: The Big Winter

We’ve all heard stories of the great snow and horrible cold of winters of the past. Whether its Laura Ingalls Wilder writing about The Long Winter or our own grandparents talking about how they walked miles to school in all types of weather (uphill both ways, of course), how we survive or even enjoy winter weather is always a topic… Read More »

Less is More: Avoiding Photo Overload

Recently my teenage niece informed me that Polaroid cameras are making a comeback! I knew that vintage or 1960’s edit techniques were among the many photo editing options for our digital photos, and the choices to change the look of photos are numerous. So if we can make them look this way why would this upcoming generation want… Read More »

Snipers and Alzheimer’s: Controversy in Memoir

Two timely new additions to the APH store highlight some hotly debated topics in the realm of memoir and biography. I like to think that memoirs serve us well when they seed conversation about difficult topics. How better to learn from others than to experience, in their words, the situations they faced and choices they made? American Sniper:… Read More »

What Do You Hear in the Places Around You?

One of my favorite stories from my newspaper reporting days was when I covered competing rallies on the future of the La Crosse, Wisconsin, Post Office, which was to be razed for a new building. On one side of the street were those favoring a new building, including those who worked in the old one and those who… Read More »

Voices from the Past Connect Generations

Technologies evolve but love remains. That’s the message in a new ad from Apple in which a young woman finds a 60-year-old recording of her grandmother singing and uses today’s technology to make it a duet as a special Christmas gift. It’s apparent in the ad that grandma used the latest in technology, Voice-o-graph, to record the Gershwin classic, “Our Love… Read More »