May 20th is Me@20 Day! APH member blog posts and Me@20 Questionnaires now live!

By | May 20, 2015

Me@20 Day #APH20Today is Me@20 Day! APH members around the world are rallying to boost visibility for their industry in their networks and beyond in this fun, collaborative online campaign. Through their blogs and social networks, they’re sharing stories about what they were like when they were 20 years old. Why 20? To celebrate APH’s 20th anniversary during Personal History Awareness Month, of course! 20 years ago, a small group of personal historians working in a fledgling field came together under the leadership of Kitty Axelson-Berry. APH has since grown to over 600 members, and has chapters in 11 countries.

Are you participating in Me@20 Day? We’ll know if you use the #APH20 hashtag! And don’t forget the Me@20 logo. Full details in the How-to Guide available in the members’ section of the APH website.

To get us started, one of our very appreciated veteran members, Libby Atwater, who joined APH in February 1997, shared the following memories from her 20th year with us and agreed to be our poster girl for this post. Here’s hoping she inspires you to join us if you haven’t done so already. Be sure to check out the list of member blog posts below throughout the day. We’ll be updating it as they come in!

Happy Me@20 Day everyone. And happy 20th, APH. You’ve grown into quite the fine organisation, I must say.

Libby J. Atwater

Libby J. Atwater

Me@20: Libby Atwater

I studied English literature at UCLA, protested the Vietnam War, became engaged, and accepted my first non-retail job when I was twenty. In 1968, I was a naïve 20-year-old, who lived alone, read and wrote volumes, and felt that not all was right with the world.

The year began with the seizure of the U.S.S. Pueblo by North Korea, who held its crew hostage for nearly one year.

April 4-MLK assassinated, we became engaged

June 6-RFK assassinated

Antiwar protests


Me@20: APH members blog and share the Me@20 Questionnaire online. We’ll keep a running tally as posts are published, right here:

1. Mary Beth Lagerborg, Retelling, Littleton Colorado USA – “Me@20

2. Tom Gilbert, Your Life is Your Story, Albuquerque New Mexico USA – “Me at Twenty

3. Michelle Beckham, Sunday Dinner Stories, Merrimack Valley Massachusetts USA – “I have a confession to make

4. Linda Schmidt, Memory Echoes, Cedar Rapids Iowa USA – “Oh, to be 20 again!

5. Audrey Favorito, Wild Carrott Productions, Saint Paul Minnesota USA – “Me@20

6. Sarah White, First Person Productions, Madison Wisconsin USA – “Me@20: Trial by Firelight

7. Errol Unikel, Rainmaker Video, Gainsville Virginia USA – “Me@20: Origins of an Entrepreneur

8. Dave Bloom, Milestons & Meanings, Kochav Yair, Israel – “Me@20

9. Clinton Haby, Storykeeping, Helotes Texas USA – “Me@20

10. Betsy Unikel, Rainmaker Video, Gainsville Virginia USA – “Me@20: Fly Me to the Moon

11. Susan Hessel, Lessons from Life, Lacrosse Wisconsin USA – “ME@20 and YOU@20

12. Susan Carroll, Your Personal Memoir, Pleasant Ridge Michigan USA – “Me@20 Questionnaire: Susan’s Responses

13. Trish Neufeld, Story Box Movies, Vancouver BC Canada – “Me@20

14. Jenn Korba-Gill, Story Box Movies, Vancouver BC Canada – “Me@20

15. Tyler J. Baum, Tree Barn Publishing, Idaho Falls Idaho USA – “Me@20

16. Rhonda Kalkwarf, My Story Saved, Mount Prospect Illinois USA – “Me@20

17. Steve Pender, Family Legacy Video, Tucson Arizona USA – “Me@20: Don’t Touch That Dial!

18. Elisabeth Woody, 11stories, Berkeley California USA – “Celebrating 20 years of APH: Me@20

19. Mike Bernard, Story Box Movies, Vancouver BC Canada – “Me@20

20. Lauren Twombly, Story Box Movies, Vancouver BC Canada – “Me@20

21. Jill Sarkozi, Safekeeping Stories, Larchmont New York USA – “Me@20: Celebrating 20 Years of Personal History #APH20

22. Monica Lee, Chicago Storywerks, Hampshire Illinois USA – “Celebrating a Milestone Anniversary with Me@20

23. Annie Payne, History From the Heart, Adelaide Australia – “Me@20

24. John Hawkins, Personal Chronicles, Salem Oregon USA – “Me@20: Budding Journalist Gets His Start

25. Step Carruthers, Story Box Movies, Vancouver BC Canada – “Step Me@20

… and you?

About Me@20 Day
Me@20 Day is an international blogging challenge, inspired by Ada Lovelace Day. Our goal is to promote interest in personal history. We’d like APH members with a blog and/or social networking presence to come together in a fun and concerted effort to boost online visibility for our industry. All you’ll need is a photo of yourself at 20 and a great anecdote or two.

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