APH Conference 2016: My Print Journey

Over the years I have for the large part focused on video projects, but recently I became involved in a large print project encompassing many stories, each with its own sub-plot and cast of characters. There are many facts to keep track of, including hundreds of documents, writings, and audio recordings. Starting to feel a little overwhelmed by… Read More »

APH Conference 2016: Kicking Up the Value

Tears and laughter traced new paths and old, escaping from the groups of three. Heads tilted with the effort of intentional listening. Eyes rested on faces, watched for nuance, sought the moment of revelation. Voices broke softly or brayed in bravado mode as they shared tales. Our assignment was to tell a personal story about Forgiveness. Through story,… Read More »

APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Business Tips, Stories of Tuscany, and Prompts to Telling Your Story

This week members of the Association of Personal Historians share some reasons we might be prompted to tell our stories, some business tips for personal historians, and a personal travel story. Steve Pender of Family Legacy Video posts an APH Life Story People Podcast that interviews business coach Dhyan Atkinson in Making the Most of Your APH 2016… Read More »

APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Storytelling, Amateurs, and Tuscany

This week’s collection of blog postings by members of the Association of Personal Historians has a little bit of everything: Personal stories, a podcast, and thoughts on storytelling. Pat McNees of Writers and Editors talks to us about storytelling in Storytelling, Part 1. “At the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, MD, I recently participated in a panel on oral… Read More »